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Do you want additional information about our club, or interested in joining?   Dues are $21.00 per year 
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Apply to a Garden Club in your area.

Opportunities abound for nature lovers, birdwatchers, floral designers, plant growers and conservationists.

Qualifications:  enjoys natural beauty, willing to get hands dirty, likes challenges and is friendly to all.

Training Available:  Environmental Studies School, Flower Show School, Garden Study School, Landscape Design School.  They are waiting for everyone who wants to grow.

Advancement Opportunities:  May become chairman of a project or lead activities.

Fringe Benefits:  A wheelbarrow of happiness, a bouquet of friends and the perennial opportunity to work miracles in the garden.

Pay:  Equal to desire, interest and effort.

Apply today and bring a friend to the next Garden Club gathering.


Northbrook Garden Club

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