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The Northbrook Garden Club (NBGC) was founded on the principles of service and civic beautification. As the club grew in membership, it joined The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. and the National Garden Clubs and continues to participate in both.


The Club's rich history of award winning projects, flower shows and civic beautification has laid the foundation for the Northbrook Garden Club's future as it strives to meet the objectives of its charter "to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to encourage the artistic use of flowers, to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds and encourage civic plantings."


The Club has been active in establishing and maintaining plantings for the village, the fire department and the park district throughout the years. Its environmental contributions to the stewardship of the native environment includes preservation of a local prairie site and participation in the Village's Earth and Arbor Day celebration. The Club also encourages the next generation by offering an annual scholarship to a Glenbrook North High School student pursuing studies in related fields.


Education is important to the Club's membership. The club offers a variety of educational opportunities through the Garden Clubs of Illinois programs, including courses in horticulture, environmental science, landscape design and flower arranging. The Club created the children's Sunshine Garden located at the Northbrook Park District's Leisure Center to introduce preschoolers to the joy of gardening.  The Club also actively participates in the Northbrook Farmers Market. 

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The How, What, Where and When of Planting Trees and Shrubs

Spring is a good time to plant trees and shrubs because they can take advantage of the moisture that Spring rains bring.
Where and how you plant is just as important as what you plant.
Site trees and shrubs to conditions that suit the plant and resist the temptation to put a tree or shrub in a certain place just because you like the spot. 
Also, be sure to amend the soil properly.
Dig the hole twice as WIDE as the root ball and don't dig too deep. One of the biggest mistakes people make is planting a tree or shrub too deeply in the soil--literally suffocating it!
Follow simple rules and your trees and shrubs will be happy!


























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